Liubov Gordina,

president of NSEWA,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor







Report made in Brazil, 22-26 September 2006


Ladies and gentlemen,
dear colleagues!

I would like to begin my presentation with expression of my gratitude to the organizers of the Second Planetary Congress on the Bio-Sphere Rights and to the Foundation of the Time Law for the possibility to address this audience. I came from Moscow, Russia in order to tell you about the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly, (World Assembly, NSEWA), of which I have the honour to be a President. I represented NSEWA in a lot if international forums, including the Global Forum of the Earth of the Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio + 10) in Johannesburg (2002), at different conferences held in the framework of World Exhibition EXPO-2005 in Japanese Nagoya (2005) and in other forums. I also intend to brief you on the principal aims and targets of the Organisation and to substantiate necessity for unification of the mankind’s efforts for saving and changing the life on the Earth as well as inform you about principal work of NSEWA – development of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Noo-Constitution, NSECFORM). I hope to manage this task.

Organisation that I have the honour to represent here the NGO World Assembly emerged as a necessity realized by its leaders who understood that urgent measures were needed for saving and harmonic development of the civilization and who realize that the mankind is gradually being swept by the global systemic crisis – spiritual, political, economic and ecological.

This is a common understanding of the scholars of different countries who pay more and more attention to the noospheric way for social development. Just some days ago a monograph was published in Belarus Republic by Piotr Georgievich Nikitenko, a prominent economist, noosphere knowledge proponent under a title: “Noosphere economy and social policy: strategy of innovative development”, where the author presents a systemic approach to problems of evolution and formation of noosphere economy and social policy in contemporary Belarus. His vision is closely related to the accumulated planetary knowledge and transformation of the processes of globalization into the noosphere channel.

We are not superposing ourselves to the power structures but we declare our readiness to co-operate with the powers because only together, having united our efforts globally, we would be able to overcome the crisis and to solve the problems facing the mankind. Apart from that you are aware that the European Council’s Special Session took decision to increase the role of NGOs in the social life and we try to follow this decision.

Our Assembly structure is subdivided into three large blocks, namely: the International Movement “Planet of People – New Humanity”, International Foundation “The Living Earth” and the Co-ordinating organ for all – “Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly”.

So what are the principal goals and tasks of these entities?

The Movement “Planet of People – New Humanity” puts before itself a task of unification into the common spiritual-sensual space of all earth-dwellers who realized necessity to act as the solid unit, and who understand that Planet Earth is a spaceship bearing aboard itself the whole Mankind. It’s just obvious that this spaceship should be steered not only by educated but people of high spiritual value who wholly realize their responsibility before their ancestors. The construction and steering of such spaceship should be performed upon strictly scientific principles just as it is being done by the crews of the manned orbiting space stations. This scientific direction was developed by the Russian Professor A.P.Fedotov, who is a member to the World Assembly and its name is “Globalistics” (please, do not mix with “Globalisation”!). Thus according to Globalistics the anthropogenous load per square Km. should not exceed 70-75 KWT.

International Foundation “Living Planet” aims to assist in solving problems of the Planet Earth’s resurrection as ó living organism that currently finds itself in the state of chronic illness caused by the human activity. I recollect words of Fyodor Koniukhov, the world known traveller, writer and artist. While being handed the Credentials of acting member in NSEWA, he said:

“When I circled the Earth for the fourteenth time in the solitary round-the Erath sailing trip, I saw the flocks of dolphins and whales who accompanies my boat. And the following thought came repeatedly into my mind: their existence does not bring any harm to their environment, i.e. the Ocean, which is their dwelling place. Why then the Man, who is supposed to be the clever creature is constantly cutting the branch, he is sitting on? Why Man behaves as if he is persistently trying to destroy the place of own habitat, to put an end to it as soon as possible? I could not find the answer neither with the whales, nor with dolphins, nor with the Man”.

The prominent poetess Inna Bogachinskaya (USA) expressed her sorrow with the current state of affaires in such words:

Oh, World, you’re being swept in darkness,

The Priest is robbing temples,

Likewise act Rabbi,

Imam and Congressman…

Awake at least someone!

You see our ship is sinking

Away from better times…

The “Living Earth” Foundation as if answering to the trembling anxiety of people of high integrity is putting before itself a principal goal – to render real efficient assistance to the Planet in order to allow it to survive despite the aggressive attitude and behaviour of the people towards it. The principal aim of such Foundation is rendering assistance in mitigation consequences of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, tsunami, earthquakes etc. at the expense of the funds that we propose to deduct in the amount of at least 1% from the military budgets of all countries.

This we said in our statements in the EXPO-2005 conferences with participation of the Planetary Academic Federation (NPO PAF, Japan, headed by Mayumi Jingo) in Nagoya.

The third, co-ordinating structure of this block – the World Assembly gives utmost priority to Man and Mankind, their rights and what’s even more important – their duties to safeguard their common home – Planet Earth. To reach such goal the Russian scientists attempted to establish legislative base of the new type in the form of the Noosphere (noosphere – is the sphere of conscience) Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, where for the first time in the world’s legislative practice the definitions would be given to the MAN and MANKIND in the meaning of their three principal components: cosmo-physical (spiritual), biological and social. Practically speaking all existing laws structurize only the social components of Man and Mankind’s role on Earth, virtually ignoring the spiritual and biological components of this role that appear to be essentially the main ones.

Do we have possibility and right to do so?

In our age of space exploration the science achievements allow us to introduce into the legislative sphere and practice biological as well as cosmo-physical (conscience-spirit) components defining the role of Man and his life activity. Bringing such definitions in its new document “the Noosphere Constitution for Mankind”, (authors – Liubov Gordina and Mikhail Limonad, Doctors of philosophy; the Document has been registered with Russian Author’s society as the Russian intellectual property), we at the level of legal norms stipulate transition to the new quality of life on our Planet, change of the conscience in compliance with the demands of Nature itself. Presentation of the Noo-Constitution at EXPO-2005 showed importance of the document for further development of life on Earth. I cited in my presentation the words of Jose Arguelles, doctor of philosophy, the NSEWA acting member, which he said in Altai the other day that, I quote: “Noosphere Constitution defines new vector of development of civilization in the 21st millennium”. The statement was met by the audience with enthusiasm.

The stand established in the Russian Section of the EXPO – 2005 displayed principal aims and tasks of the Noosphere Constitution for Mankind. They read as follows:

- Conservation of Mankind as unitary, universally meaningful civilization;

- Establishment and introduction of legal basics of the life activity of mankind and protection of the Planet as complex space ecosystem;

- Creation of favourable conditions for the life activity and social development of civilization;

- Establishment of balance of the rights and freedoms, of responsibilities and duties of participants in the future universal order on the Erath and in the Space;

- Inter-civilisation relations of the Earths populations;

- Establishment of the universal peace, termination of wars and;

- Establishment of the civil society that would maintain its Planet as the sacred cradle of civilization.

It is well-known that defense of new scientific concepts always demands from the researcher not only display of firmness of character, personal bravery and assuredness of correctness of his own ideas, but also adequate social maturity. At the beginning of 60es A.Chizhevsky wrote: “Thousands of scholars and governments of some countries, specifically the Soviet Government realizing their highest responsibility before the current and the future of the mankind appeal to the reason. They address wisdom of presidents and hearts of the military commanders, whom so to speak, is enough to just “press a button” to annihilate part of mankind immediately and to leave the rest to be poisoned by the radioactive dust and thus doom the following generations to degeneration and final extinction. It is neither military merit, nor bravery and heroism that define destiny of the word, but wisdom of people steering power of the nations”.

The draft of the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind is based upon the concept of cosmogenesis of life. This legislative document sufficiently complements existing Constitutions of different countries, reflecting basically social aspects of the life activity of the human society. Thus even in the Human Rights Declaration of 1948 the complex of Rights, Freedoms and Duties of Citizen, Man and Mankind in the part of biological and cosmic components is fully omitted. The terms and definitions of the existing legal acts lack definition of MAN in all three of his appearances, despite the fact that those regulations were created for Man.

The Noo-Constitution draft has never been initiated “from above” by the power structures, it has never been financed by anybody, and it is just a pure example of the civil altruism of the Russian scientists, who are seriously concerned with the destiny of civilization. The Russian initiative meets more and more support from judicious people of different nations. It’s enough to recollect that the Project was approved by the Global Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002 where I made a presentation of the concept of Noo-Constitution, by planetary Conferences held at EXPO-2005 (March-September 2005) as well as by a lot of other international symposiums. The Memorandum approved by EXPO-2005 stressed necessity to convoke the Noosphere Civilian Forum of the Earth-dwellers, similar to the Forum held in Johannesburg, for comprehensive study, discussion and adoption of the Noosphere Constitution. The first stage of such Forum being conducted through Internet will be completed in December 2006. From different parts of the world we have already received about 1000 suggestions and amendments, 200 of which have been considered in the amended text of the Noo-Constitution. After completion of the second (representative) stage of the Forum that we plan to conduct in autumn of 2007 the documents is supposed to be passed to the international organizations such as UNESCO, UN ECOSOC, and European Council etc.

It is clear that quite a number of natural-geographic, social-economical, cultural-educational, religious-aesthetic and other differences exist defining terms and conditions for introduction of the Spiritual-Ecological Law in different countries of the word. This difference of conditions will demand preliminary approbation of the principal model of the Noo-Constitution in different areas in different countries separately and in groups of countries commonly.

The authors of the Draft envisage introduction of the document stage by stage accompanied by amendments and corrections i.e. the suggested Draft is a sort of “Framework” legislative documents. Initially it is supposed to offer to embrace and adopt some of the provisions of the Law to such countries as Australia, Japan, Singapore, Scandinavian states, SAR, Byelorussia. WE mean territories with sustainably developing economies and established forms of the state rule, having at the same time sufficient differences in the mentality, culture, religious beliefs and social life of the main groups of population. Preliminary agreements and understandings have already been reached with some of the mentioned Nations about partial trial of some parts of the NSECFORM. Unfortunately I have to state that the “wisdom of men at power” is lacking a will to make a first step towards the civilian initiative, despite our multiple addresses and suggestions.










In the third Millennium the mankind entered a new phase of its existence. The scientific discoveries of the later days allowed to know the basic principles of the Structure of the Universe and to develop a new vision of the world. The new terms entered everyday life such as globalization, biological field, bio-magnetic situation, tolerance, noosphere.

The whole Russian exposition at the EXPO-2005 was named “Noosphere Harmony”. The noosphere habitat was exposed. The stands and presentations of the Russian section presented a draft for the Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind. The NSEWA ideas displayed at the Global Civilian Forum of the “Rio +10” summit have already overgrown the stage of “national idea” and are becoming planetary ideas.

The human spirituality has acquired another, Universal (Cosmic) sense. The science has moved very near to proof of the existence of the Creative Sense. Existence of the unitary laws of the Universe that formerly were being described in different languages has become obvious. A dialogue among science, art and religion is being developed.

At the same time the threat to the very survival of the Man as biological species has revealed itself as the real one.

Necessity to establish of the new rules of the human behavior in the new Millennium became urgent.

Just such rules have been united within framework of Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, which is supposed to look at the Mankind as the Spiritual-Ecological social category possessing internationally recognized legal status and social role.

This document developed ideas inserted into the Draft Law “On achievement of the energy-information well-being of the population” prepared by its authors for study by the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The Legal Status is a system of the General Rights and Freedoms as well as Duties compatible to such norms established by the UN and complemented by suggested norms of the relationship between the Mankind and the Planet Earth.

The Social Role of the Mankind is its consciously arranged activity of the guarantor of sustainability of the nature as a whole and of resources of the human activity and arrangement of the places for the settlement of the separate social groups on the Earth and in the Near Space as well as in the Universe in general.

The Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for Mankind is a document laying a foundation for the new form of the legislative regulation in the world community in the near future and deriving itself from understanding of the Constitution as the Law on the Sustainable (Eternal).

The terminology and understandings have been developed for the seven years by the scientists, legal advisers, culturologists and international relations experts. The legal document operates in the terms of triple unity of information, energy and mass-matter.

The Universe (the environment) is nothing but constant process of exchange and mutually penetrating transformations of information, mass-matter and energy. Information and energy give birth to mass-matter. In our interpretation as applied to man, definition of the spirituality and spirit of man are related to the information component, (potential energy), soul is related to the external energy shell of spirit (kinetic energy) and the body is related to the material component of this inseparable triple unity.

So the man is a combination of the spiritual and soul-related components (energy-information) that are closely combined with the space-related and biological substance. These components are in turn a moral base for the material component (soma, body) and are bearing social substance of man.

You may remember that the Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes who lived in a barrel, was roaming the streets in the daylight keeping a torch in his hand, answering questions of the bewildered pedestrians: “I’m looking for a Man”…

The results of the contemporary research show that further development of Civilization may go on only in agreement with the Nature Laws. The ethic nature of the laws for the sustainable dynamic structure of the Universe may be clearly seen. It is obvious that the culture of the information management (in other word – spirituality) is a principal factor of the progressive development of mankind.

At the business summit of APEC in Brunei named “Business and Globalization” on the 15th November 2000 President Putin said: “Mr. Vernadsky, our compatriot developed in the beginning of the 20th century a theory for the NOOSPHERE – the environment that unifies the mankind. It combines interests of the peoples and countries, the nature and society, scientific knowledge and state policy. The concept of sustainable development is currently being built on the base of this theory”.

We are not the prophets. We are common people preoccupied with the destiny of our own home. To consider the problems of the human life activity in the Planetary dimension is only a long ripe necessity. We just propose to look at ourselves from apart (from outer Space).

It is high time for the mankind to exclaim: “the Planet is in danger! Save yourselves the ones who can!” Well, it is already yelling by the voices of the most advanced and enlightened people.

With perseverance worth better application the mankind is trying to finish up with its own home – their native Planet, mercilessly disposing of its natural resources.

But even under the fatally unfavorable terms, conditions and tendencies of the development of the current civilization after the Noo-Constitution would be adopted by the Mankind it will be still possible to realize the following goals:

1. Integration of peoples into single universally important civilization, wisely implementing its life and life activity, alias – the Mankind of the Planet Earth.

2. Introduction of the foundations of the Worldwide Space Law.

3. Improvement of the existing national legislation systems with the aim of their mutual integration and turning into the all-human legal instrument, securing favorable, agreed with the resource potential of the Earth and Space conditions for the human life activity and of its social development - (to sustain civilization) indefinitely.

4. Adjustment of Human Rights and Freedoms and complementing them with norms of higher significance: the General Rights, Freedoms and Duties of the Mankind agreed with the demands of noosphere world vision. .

5. Apprehension of the role for the Mankind not only on the Earth but in the Universe.

6. Establishment of the general peace, eliminating wars and violence, preventing ruining of the Planet and destruction of life of the developed human society on the Earth.

7. Gradual, non-violent, by measure of apprehension by the peoples and their governments, transition from the state boundaries to the functional territorial frontiers.

8. Establishment of the legal status for the Earth (Planetary Law) as a living object and as the Universally defined environment for the human life activity.

9. Evolutional transition from techno-spherical organization of the life activity to spiritual-moral, the noosphere.

10. Establishment of the unitary world coordinating center (collective body) for planned (Sociocraty) scientific management of the principal directions of the source-consuming human life activity.

11. Banning of the economical relations, including those in the field of real estate, based upon usury, upon capitalist extraction of profit by any means.

12. Assistance to development of ecologically clean source-saving technologies, including bio-technology, nano-technology taking into consideration universal principles of the information and energy flows.

13. Admission of the reason-consequence law as principal law in ethics of relations among people and nations.

14. Recognition of equal value and equal rights of sexes in all aspects of their life activities.

15. Admission of the Universal Field limitless in time and space in capacity of the holographic energy-information matrix of the Universe, forming and directing the universal evolutionary development.

16. Time measuring for use in noosphere forms of life activity as applied to natural, universally conditioned life cycles.

17. Control over super-weak energy impacts, causing irreparable damage to nature and society, provoking hazardous changes of the nature of human life and of the human development in its capacity of cosmic, biological and social species.

Adoption and application of the NSECFORM will allow realizing:

– Adoption of the basic ethical and moral principles of the human life activity;

– Basic rights and duties of the citizens, of their unions as well as of the enterprises and organizations involved into production and application of the energy-information (noosphere) technologies;

– Legal criteria for consideration of the energy-information phenomena;

– Principles of partnership in international relations;

– Scientifically substantiated norms and legal acts and means of their rational use;

– Legal basics for the education in the field of energy-information well-being of the Mankind;

– Spiritual-ecological (noosphere) word vision of the population being the important nature-defined social factor of their life activity;

– Creation of the new kinds of products, possessing higher ecological safety and principally new capabilities;

– Social integration of the population, specifically scientific, religious, cultural and social


– New means to safeguard and support the health of population;

– Decrease and total abolishment of the violent enslavement of will and conscience of the people and for their exploitation with the aim of profit;

– Development of the new efficient humane ways and means of co-operation and communication for population and for different social groups in search of solution to conflicts and to the socially meaningful problems of the society development.

The draft combines traditional and non-traditional features. NSECFORM as a whole – is fully traditional legal act. Its contents are presented in well approved forms of the legal norms. This provides for evolution of the legal documents in their compliance with demands of the Noo- Constitution, which is specially important in the transition period.

Can anybody imagine the future without such instrument as the Law (Legislation)? I would suggest such assumption naïve.

Development of legislation in the channel of NSECFORM is legally following declarations, charters, agreements and treaties. Noo-Constitution is just next stage of the social regulation. But not on the principle of law-enforcement, but upon principle of conscious voluntary abidance by the Law.

Relatively new is transition from human rights to the rights of humanity. In the form of presentation and structure the NSECFORM complies with the demands and regulation of the International Standards Organization (ISO), as the legal documents as essentially regulating ones.

It is not permissible to ignore statistical data on facts and events, irrespective of whether they’ve been scientifically explained or not, as the facts are essentially interfere with the lives of individuals, whose rights should be always defended. .

In particular the NSECFORM contains term of Sovereignty of the Planet Earth, including near space. The boundaries of sovereign Space are supposed conditionally, based upon practice of practice of orbital space flights, analogous to the Law of Sea: the near Space is “Territorial”, while the Remote Space is “Neutral”. Accordingly the man-made space objects are ex-territory creatures, where the terrestrial law is applicable..

The Noo-Constitution authors similarly approached the right to shelter, having defined it as the environment for the human life activity. In essence the Humanity was looked at as the integral organism in most cases, when the precedent right is applied, so in the interpretation of the right for life.

Adjusted were most of the ethical and psychological categories earlier declared but not explained (such as: life, life activity, energy-information well-being, death, soul, conscience, dignity, honor, reputation, justice, rightness). Here we need single meaning, the ethic law can not rely on the incidental experts’ opinion.

What else did we specially highlight in the NSECFORM text?

New are the complexes of the legal norms concerning spiritual status and mental health, based upon energy-information well-being of population. Energy-information component as inherent to the whole explicit world was introduced into the legal turnover for the Earth and for the People. Basing upon the fact that the SECFORM is of a spiritual-ecological manner, the Concept as well as the Chapters do not stress questions of politics, economy, property, finance, while the categories exist in the structure of the document.

In the document structure we also stressed: measure and measurability as well as organizational proposals for transition period. It relates to measure of time on the basis of cosmic cycles of planetary rotations and accordingly to the calendars.

The World Codes and Laws to be introduced following NSECFORM introduction are necessary for adjustment of the most common legal norms, applied in the legislations of different societies. Adjusted terms, sphere of their applicability, uniform understanding of the legal norms – are one of the venues of the integration of the existing forms of organization of society into universal Civilization – the Mankind of Planet Earth.

Organizational forms of management and co-ordination of life activity, as well as introduced instead of administrative boundaries – are of functional character, compatible with the joint needs and demands of Mankind and of the societies being parts of the whole. This is related also to the city-building traditions of human settlement, functional and architectural zoning of the territories. Here architectural aspects of the formation of the life activity environment are looked at in the NSECFORM as energy-information features radically defining conditions and quality of life.

Can we call the NSECFORM a Law where definitions of CONSCIENCE, MORAL, DIGNITY are put first and foremost?

Yes? We can! Draft Noo-Constitution being brought to your attention – is a sort of ethical code to the utmost degree compatible with the term “Collective conscience of mankind” i.e. in reality it is expression of life in compliance with unitary laws of Universe. The principal postulate of the NSECFORM will be not punishment of the guilty, but promotion of justice.

The concept itself is traditional in form that will assist convenience of its study and adoption of relevant decisions.

At transition to such subject of the legislation as the Mankind itself, Earth, Universe the legal norms known in the existing legislation acquired new angle of vision. Thus Human rights apart from social ones were complemented with the biological aspect, and all subjects of legislation – with spiritual-ecological and cosmic aspects. Modern vision of the Unitary World Picture demanded not only recognition not completely studies phenomena in the law – it happened earlier, it exists now, but application of preventive approach. If the situation does not realize itself, the law will be not applied, but if probability of its occurrence would become undeniable fact, we must not fall victims of the legal helplessness.

There are no undisputable legal norms. But the NSECFORM from the very beginning was planned as dynamically developing legal document where by measure of adjustment of this or that provision the relevant amendments will be introduced.

So where is the principal novelty and what would be anticipated results of adoption of the Noo-Constitution as realization of the scientific concept of the cosmogenesis of life, forming the life-saving world vision of the Earth dwellers?


- definition of MAN (HUMAN BEING) in his three components: cosmo-physical (spiritual), biological and social;

- MANKIND is provided with function of the cosmically meaningful category with RIGHTS, FREEDOMS and DUTIES before society and nature;

- a prerequisite is being created for integration of peoples (nations) into United, cosmically meaningful, spiritual-moral, wisely conducting its life and life activities civilization – Mankind of the Planet Earth;

- foundations of the Universal cosmic law are being laid with consideration of achievements and realities of the contemporary world;

- possibility to create all-embracing civilian society, safeguarding its own planet as the sacred cradle and shelter of the Human and of Mankind;

- international legal document is being created by the world community as a civilian initiative, with consideration of new realities;

- also stressed in the document structure are measure and measurability as well as organizational proposals for transition period. It relates to measure of time on the basis of cosmic cycles of planetary rotations and accordingly to the calendars;

- the legal status of the Earth is being established as the living object and as cosmically conditioned environment for life activity of Humanity;

- possibility to transit from state borders to functionally-territorial boundaries is being prepared.

The principal novelty of this document complies well with modern international documents, including such as the Earth Charter that was being discussed on the five continents of the Planet but only in Russia it has already been taken to performance by several regional parliaments such as: Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Kabardino-Balkaria. The Earth Charter is studies in the schools of those regions, which helps formation of nature-oriented world vision of the youth.

We sincerely hope that similarly serious discussion of the NSECFORM will be conducted in all countries, as the situation in quite a number of problems deteriorated tremendously within latest decade. The damage inflicted to the nature and society by unwise human activities within several decades of technocratic development is greater than damage done within previous millenniums! Velocity of deterioration of such problems will only increase in the future, if urgent measures won’t have been adopted.

Dear colleagues, I came here to seek your support of the following NSEWA initiatives:

1. To adopt the idea of unification of the mankind into universally meaningful civilization as the principal condition of transition to the noosphere society;

2. To consider that Vernadsky’s teaching developed by the contemporary scholars and teachers acquires features of the basic platform for the study of the world. This brings necessity of formation and approbation and further on worldwide introduction of the fundamental and applicable noosphere education, without which the mankind will not overcome its biological backwardness and threat of termination of its life as a specie and civilization.

3. To convoke the Noosphere Civilian Forum of the Earth dwellers in 2007 for comprehensive study and adoption of the NSECFORM as practical realization of the scientific concept of the life cosmogenesis, forming life-saving world vision of the third Millennium.

The first stage of such Forum started to act through Internet in 2005 and will be completed in December 2006. The amended text of the Constitution is being prepared for publishing. You may look at these documents on the sites:,, and to read in my monograph “From Biosphere to Noosphere”, «Spiritual-Ecological Constitution for the Mankind - realization of the scientific concept of the life cosmogenesison” (Liubov Gordina, Victor Yagodinsky), the CD-Rom and DVD disks.

4. To establish Planetary Stabilization Foundation “Living Earth” at the expense of deduction of 1% from military budgets of all countries. The NSEWA address to the EXPO-2005 participants tells that funds spent for armaments i.e. for creation of the threat to destroy the Planet Earth 27 times exceed the funds spent for its conservation. So we offer all countries to spend 1% of their military budgets for conservation of the planet Earth. Spending of the resources of the Fund will be put under control of international public commission. The supervising body and guarantor of the transparency of the Foundation’s budget may become the Tutorial Council of the most prominent citizens of Earth and some international organizations such as UN ECOSOC.

5. To approve idea by one of the participants of the Congress who suggested using norms and principles of the NSECFORM as a principal mechanism of interaction of the civilian international community with leaders of all levels, including high-level group “Alliance of Civilizations” established under Cofy Annan’s initiative.

6. To support an idea to celebrate the “Planetary Day of Earth-Dwellers”. At the EXPO-2005 NSEWA suggested to establish such festivity to be marked yearly on the 25th of July. This day is known by supporters and likeminded people of the Prominent Citizen of the Planet, Mr. Jose Arguelles, as the “DAY OUT OF TIME” – beginning of countdown of the new year by the Mayan calendar. Such date is being marked for quite some time by people who realize their connection to the comic cycles and rhythms.

It would be marvelous if on the 25th of July every citizen of Earth would feel himself the “Little Prince” to tend about his own planet. In 2006 we dedicated to this festivity international Summit "Noosphere ecology education for the Citizens of Planet Earth” that was held in Krasnodar Province in the Cossack’s settlement Shapsugskaya. Apart from that Japanese professor Emoto, known researcher of the water memory features suggested to pay tribute to water just that day, i.e. the 25th of July. This day was dedicated to meditation as a tribute to water by a lot of public organizations, which study wisdom of the ancient civilizations.

7. I offer to support initiatives of the organizers of this Congress of the “Law of Time” foundation to start operation of salvation of the Planet – the planetary peace-making plan.

8. Approve the foundation of the international Noosphere Commission, as part of the NSEWA, to fulfill scientific-social projects, including the creation international Norms and Regulations (Noo-Constitution of the Mankind, Declaration, Convention and etc.) and their propagation through mass media channels and non-governmental organizations in various countries;

9. To approve activity of the World Assembly in dissemination of ideas of the NSECFORM as the legal basis for overcoming consumers attitude of man to the life environment.

10. I would also ask you to support the following NSEWA initiative: to consider the Second Planetary Congress on the Biosphere Rights the integral part of the Noosphere Civilian Forum of the Earth-Dwellers for discussion and adoption of the NSECFORM.

11. I would propose to send the final documents of the Congress for common realization to UN, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and other international bodies.

12. Let us appeal to all people forming and conducting political, household and other decisions concerning the status of our planet and life of nations on it to be governed in their activity by noosphere approaches, to act from positions of common sense and wisdom, saving life of the mankind and all living universe.

NSEWA will in turn bring all this information to the attention of the representatives of the world community through NSEWA Representative offices located in more tan 20 countries of the world, and through participants of the Movement “Planet of People – New Humanity”, comprising over 2,5 millions of the earth dwellers.

I would highly appreciate your support of our proposals and introduction of these motions into the final documents of the Congress.


Thank you for your attention.